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Camping gear includes items such as sleeping bags, hiking boots, tents, cooking equipment and fire starters. It is designed to make camping more comfortable and enjoyable while still being easy to carry and pack up. There is equipment that is light and durable, yet expensive, and there is equipment that is better suited for car camping due to its weight.

One of the most important pieces of camping gear is quality hiking boots and the right type of sleeping bag. A tent is also a useful item, but a crafty camper can find shelter in a number of different places and even build it when necessary. Staying warm and dry, especially at night is essential and lifesaving when camping.

Other useful camping gear includes fire-starters, tarps and tie downs, cooking equipment, sleeping pads and camping chairs, a knife, and many other useful devices and tools. Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of camping and there are a lot of things to be prepared for. Be sure to know the area and what conditions could be encountered.