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Climbing gear is used to make climbing the steepest and most difficult pitches safer and easier. It includes everything from ropes, carabineers, and harnesses to helmets, shoes, cams, nuts and bolts. There is a wide variety of equipment that is used on different types of pitches and surfaces, for example, rock climbing shoes are great on dry rock, but horrible on ice and wet rock.

Basic climbing gear requires a harness and rope as well as a anchor for the rope and a belay device for the belayer. Two people are always required for a climbing adventure even if ropes are not involved. One person climbs while the other belays or spots them if they are bouldering which is a form of rope-less low climbing that focuses on technique.

Climbing gear for traditional climbing involves a great deal more equipment and specialty than sport climbing where a climber can get away with only having a harness, rope, carabiners, chalk bag, and shoes. Traditional climbing require the climber to place their own protection which means they have to carry many different  devices for putting in anchors while climbing.