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Mountain equipment has come a long way in the last hundred years and has allowed people to climb nearly every mountain on earth in many different ways. The highest mountain on earth was conquered over 50 years ago and though it was incredibly difficult to accomplish, it is nowhere near as difficult as some climbs. It’s no longer about the highest mountain, or the most mountains climbed, but the difficulty of the route and how it was climbed.

Mountain equipment these days consists of a variety of harnesses, ropes, carabineers, cams, nuts, hexes, bolts, straps, shoes, boots, picks, and bags as well as number of unlisted items. Some climbs are multiple pitches and require porta-ledges to sleep on and extra towed bags with gear. It is always important to have quality equipment, human life is on the line.

Mountain equipment should be purchased from a trusted retailer and the user should be very knowledgeable about the equipment they are purchasing. If basic knowledge of safety and knots is limited, it is advised to travel with an experienced guide or friend. Mountains are dangerous, be prepared.