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Where are some fun places to camp in Utah?

There are many places to camp in Utah. I’ll list some of my favorite with a little description of what they are like.
Goblin Valley is one of my favorite places to explore and there are many places to camp. There is a government run camping ground, but the campsites are close together and not very roomy. I recommend camping on the BLM side of goblin valley where anyone can camp anywhere. BLM land is much less regulated than national parks, and it is just around the corner from the valley of the goblins. There are many places to explore and climb, and it has some of the most beautiful terrain in the desert. Bring plenty of water and be prepared for sand storms.

Another one of my favorite places to camp in Utah is in the Wasatch mountain range. There are many places to explore, plenty of trails for biking and hiking, and lots of pristine mountain lakes, This area is close to many mountain roads and resorts, so it is easy for quick weekend or day trips.

Further away is the Uintah mountains where there are literally thousands of lakes, many of which are full of rainbow trout and other fish. This is a great area for fishing, as well as camping and hiking. Four wheelers and off-road vehicles are allowed in many areas as well. Snowmobiling is very popular in the winter here and there are a lot of places that rent snowmobiles and do tours.

Another area to explore in Utah is around Strawberry and Starvation reservoir. There is great hunting and snowmobiling in the winter. In the summer there is some amazing high desert camping where the weather changes almost constantly so be prepared for everything from snow and hail to lightning even in the summer.

What is the basic camping equipment I need to explore the wilderness?

This really depends on the time of year and area to be explored. For first time campers I recommend spring and fall camping in moderate climates. It won’t ever get too cold or too hot and lighter and simpler equipment is needed.

You will need good fitting hiking boots, a properly rated sleeping bag, shelter, such as a tent, a sleeping pad makes it warmer and more comfortable at night, fire starters are useful, but campfires are not allowed everywhere so bring plenty of warm, dry clothes to change into just in case, and you’ll also need food and water and something to cook it with. A backpack is useful to throw everything into and carry. These are the basics, and there are a number of other tools and equipment that can be brought along to make the trip more comfortable.